13 cars that Game of Thrones characters would drive

1) Daenerys Targaryen: Ferrari California

The Dragon Queen needs a car that shows she is above the plebeians she rules, but the convertible top shows she is approachable by her subjects.

2) Ned Stark: Jeep Wrangler Unlimited


A hardworking, honest AWD vehicle for an honest man of the North.  And everyone loves Jeeps.

3) Jon Snow: Subaru Outback


An honest AWD vehicle for an honest bastard.  Great for the North and winter in general.  Not well loved by people who know nothing.

4) Joffrey Baratheon: A ruined Ferrari 458 Italia

This could have easily been a chromed Fisker Karma.  I mean the Boy King is really the Beiber of Westeros.

5) Sansa Stark: Volkswagen Eos

The quintessential sweet sixteen car for the Stark girl.

6) Brienne of Tarth: Harley Davidson

Every knight has a good steed and motorcycles are the horse of today.  She’s too cool for 4 wheels and a roof.

7) Podrick Payne: Brienne’s sidecar


I bet Podrick is a great mechanic.

8) The Mountain: Humvee

 The Mountain (2)

A brute of a car for a brute of a man.

9) Oberyn Martell: Red Dodge Viper

Honestly, what did you expect the Red Viper to drive?

10) Petyr Baelish: Murdered out Mercedes G Wagon

This thing would have to be BLACKED OUT.  I mean like Sansa in season 5 blacked out.  The most pimpin’ vehicle for the biggest pimp in Westeros.

11) Tyrion Lannister: Old Toyota Tercel beater

Varys wouldn’t let him drive anything else, certainly.  Tyrion must blend in now.  He can drive something better when they pledge loyalty to Daenerys.  On second thought, he’s a drunk and probably shouldn’t drive at all.

12) Tywin Lannister: Mercedes-Maybach S600

Lannister isn’t going to be caught dead in anything other than the pinnacle of luxury.  And drive it? Gods no, he rides in it.  Of course he has a driver.

13) The Onion Knight: Corvette Stingray


A car fit for a self-made man.  Aspirational yet somehow regular.  Davos Seaworth would have earned this car and he’d need something to drive to stay sane whilst being around Stannis “would-drink-the-koolaid” Baratheon.


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