5 cars that could have been made by Apple

1:  Cadillac Cien conept


This halo supercar concept by Cadillac features a wedge-shaped design not unlike the MacBook Air.  The similarities are extra noticeable in silver.

2:  Volkswagen Golf


The Golf’s handsome but understated design is very Apple-like. So is the car’s universal appeal, transcending class, gender, and personality type.

3:  Model S


The Model S is so Apple-esque that many AAPL shareholders have called for the corporation to buy Tesla entirely.  Besides, its closer in design to a laptop than an ICE car.

4:  The entire Audi range


A bunch of entry-luxury products that all look the same but in different sizes?  That’s the Apple formula.

5:  Porsche 911


Like the iPhone versus other smartphones, the 911 is the car all other sportscars are benchmarked against.  Iterative design evolution, outperforms other cars that have supposedly better specifications, and engineered to perfection, the 911 is the epitome of Apple philosophy applied to automobiles.


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